A Callistemon Worth Cultivating

Callistemon are very popular garden plants being easy to grow, producing wonderfully colourful blooms and they are also great at attracting birds.

Popular Callistemon

1. Callistemon citrinus Endeavour 2. Callistemon Anzac White 3. Callistemon Reeves Pink

They come in many colours though most tend to be shades of red.  Callistemon citrinus and Callistemon viminalis are the two main species that have helped established the plant as a garden favourite over the past 50 years.

Many cultivars have appeared in recent years including Calistemon viminalis ‘Little John’ which is prized for it’s compact form and lovely grey/green foliage.

There is one, however, that has not yet achieved great market acceptance yet deserves to due to its outstanding blooms of deep red with golden tips that appear throughout summer.

Callistemon PearsoniiCallistemon pearsonii is an absolute stunner, relatively easy to grow and it is quite hardy to drought and borderline tolerant of frosts.  The recently introduced cultivar ‘Rocky Rambler’ is more compact and low growing only reaching 30cms high by around a one metre spread, but still just as spectacular.

They go extremely well in borders and rockeries but take care (as with all natives) to keep phosorous rich fertilisers away.  A light sprinkling of blood and bone once a year is really all they need.

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Author: Bob Saunders (www.gardensonline.com.au)