Bob and Annie Saunders

aficionadus botanicus

The Gardenistas are Bob and Annie Saunders, creators and operators of www.gardensonline.com.au which launched in March 2000.

The site has continued to develop over the ensuing years to become a major source of highly illustrated garden reference combined with a vast on-line shop for all things Home & Garden.

www.GardensOnline.com.au homepageHundreds of thousands of visitors browse the site every year from all corners of the world making use of the free interactive editorial including:-

Articles, Videos, Garden Doctor, Recipes, Product Test Drives, Timely Tasks

and the highly rated interactive ‘Plantfinder’.

In 2012 a new segment was added entitled ‘Gardens of the World’  to provide in depth text and visual reviews of the thousands of great gardens that are open to visitors around the world.

We aim to personally visit as many as possible and share them with GardensOnline’s ever increasing audience.

We are the travelling Gardenistas, (aficionadus botanicus)

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it !

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