Deterring Possums

I wondered why my Wisteria was so late blooming then I noticed that all the new buds had been chewed off.  Then it wouldn’t even fill out with leaf and on inspection the same pest seemed to be to blame.


Possums, damn their furry little hides.  I know they have to eat but hours of gardening effort become wasted if you have Possums in the vicinity.

I had tried mothballs some years previously but the stink in the garden was enough to deter humans too.


But I’d heard that Wormwood, or Artemisia as an underplanting, especially around roses was an excellent deterrent – and guess what? my new rose buds were disappearing faster than the plant could produce them.

So off to the nursery, where they recommended Artemisia Powis Castle as the most effective.  So I planted a few in pots to be able to move them around to wherever the Possums would strike next.


I strapped two pots to my pergola and within a few days I could see verdant new green leaves developing on the Wisteria.

Then a couple more pots were placed at the bottom of the most chewed roses – it worked quite well but not 100%, there were still the odd buds being snacked on (generally those the furthest away from the Wormwood).

And so the final weapon in the anit-possum armoury was rolled out – dog hair.  A relative gave me a bag of Spoodle clippings (which I must say stank up close).  My wife’s old nylons were filled with doggie hair and tied to fences and standard rose stalks.


Now ten days and counting NOTHING has been chewed in my garden and a cloak of happiness has settled once more onto our household.

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