Chelsea – Horticulture HQ

Recent visits to the world famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show have always been a delight, with so much to see, it really demands a few days to take it all in – that’s if you can stand the crowds (the only draw-back).

There’s something to please just about everyone, from the cute . .


to the nostalgic . .


Floriferous . .



Restful . . .


Whimsical . .


Delightfully oriental . .


Instructive . .


romantically roseful . . . .


or just plain daft.


Just gird your loins, prepare to battle the crowds and you’ll be surprised what a rewarding time you’ll have, in this horticultural Valhalla.

Keeping Hyacinth Standing Tall

Have you ever wondered how Hyacinth seem to always stand so tall and straight without support, especially in flower shows or in florist windows?  Yet when you grow your own they have a tendency to bend or droop a little and an ugly stake alongside such a beautiful bloom seems sacrilege.


On a visit to the famous Chelsea Flower Show, I learned the simple trick and although it seems barbarous and even dangerous, it in fact causes no harm to the plant.

Quite simply it involves getting a thin wire support, similar to those used to hold orchids erect, and sliding it down through the central stem and through the bulb.


Unlike humans, bulbs are not harmed from piercing, which can be removed as the flower dies and the bulb is left in the soil to regenerate some energy before hibernating over summer.

See more about these wonderful bulb blooms here:-