Wimbledon – Plant Excellence

Wimbledon CourtsAs a first time visitor I was blown away by the standards of presentation and organisation at this, the world’s greatest tennis event.  Not only is this a showcase of the world’s best tennis and grass court preparation, but it is also demonstrates the high level skills of the teams of plantsmen who prepare the All England Tennis Club to welcome the world.

Wimbledon Creepers

Wimbledon is a test case for lively and colourful plant displays and it is all executed with the ultimate neatness and precision.

Visitors first of all can’t help but be impressed by the vine clad buildings, all evenly covered with lush and verdant Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) perfectly trimmed around doors and windows, ensuring the tournament colours of green and purple are well established.

Wimbledon Borders

Next to impress are the borders – again drawing on the art direction colour scheme but this time adding new textures as they rise up to meet the creeper clad walls.  And again the neatness of presentation wouldn’t look out of place at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Wimbledon PlantersPlanter boxes are used extensively throughout the site to soften lines and build on the lush feel throughout the tournament site.

Here they have used Hydrangeas to provide a range of colours and shades to support the overall colour scheme whilst also providing height and bulk while foliage plants add the elegance of silvers and greys to the livery.

Wimbledon BasketsHanging baskets are a very effective addition, sometimes reflecting the tournament livery, whilst other times providing some welcome, warm contrast colours.

But regardless of colours, the horticultural team never fail to produce the brightest, healthiest and freshest floral displays you’ll see anywhere – and they keep it in perfect shape for the full two week period.

I’d say that’s a great achievement – game, set and match, well done.