New Warm Climate Climber – Mandevilla Sun Parasol

Its easy to think of Japan only as the origin of many ‘old world’ plants that have been exported and subsequently loved by the rest of the world.


But Japan is at the forefront of new plant breeding and this fabulous new Mandevilla from Suntory is a striking new example of their passion and perfection.

Its called Mandevilla ‘Sunmandeho’ Sun Parasol, its a hybrid and is set to challenge the dominance of Mandevilla sanderii, which is a naturally occuring variety and very popular throughout the warmer climates of the world.

Mandevilla Sun Parasol on fence

With this new hybrid the breeders have managed to exaggerate the prolific flowering to be almost completely year round, the blooms are bigger and the foliage richer and glossier. They are as easy as can be to grow and require little maintenance apart from keeping them moist in the hotter months and a little liquid fertiliser in spring and autumn.

Mandevilla Sun Parasol red

If you live in cooler climates e.g. temperatures drop below ten degrees C often, then its best to take then indoors during winter.

Otherwise expect a spectacular show for most of the year – you gotta love ’em.

See full Plantfinder entry here.

Author: Bob Saunders (

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