Green Goddess – Ixia viridiflora

Ixia Viridiflora

Its a beauty isn’t it?  Delicate, unusual hues, but a certain energy in the shape and form.

Its common name is Green Ixia or Turquoise Ixia – I’d say its more a Duck Egg blue.

Easy to grow from bulbs that are generally available, yet this delightful, frost hardy spring flower isn’t all that common – which is a bit of a puzzle really.

Hence this blog entry – this is quite simply, a promotion for one of nature’s loveliest.

Ixia ViridifloraMore info here.

Author: Bob Saunders (

1 thought on “Green Goddess – Ixia viridiflora

  1. Yes I have just discovered this in my garden.
    Lived here for the past 2 years and has flowered for the first time.
    The blooms close up of an evening and during rain. It is a most spectacular sight for very little work.

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