Money Plant – Location, Location

Crassula ovata is a succulent plant native to South Africa but it has become a big favourite amongst the Chinese because it is reckoned to be very auspicious – in money, health and friendship.

Crassula OvataIt is commonly known as Jade Plant, Money Plant, Friendship Tree or Lucky Plant and is a popular ‘Gift’ plant due to these associations – but especially to bring financial benefit to the owner.

Crassula Ovata Money TreeThe concept is that if you plant one (or place one in a pot) by your front door then it will encourage money into your household.  

However the reverse comes into effect if you plant one by your backdoor (or have a potted one in the same location) – that then encourages money to flow out !

Money Tree FlowersWhether you buy into this or not, it is a great plant for pots or gardens, is almost indestructible and can take sun or shade in any quantities.  It also has flushes of delicate white flowers at least once a year, sometimes more if its happy (and when they appear good fortune is due for the owner at that time).

So my question to those who know is…… as the number eight is a powerful omen for prosperity, if you plant four on either side of the path approaching your front door, should you go out and buy a lottery ticket next day?

P.S. I am not superstitious but I have two, one on either side of my front door, simply because I like them – and yes I’ve had quite reasonable financial fortune since they have been there !


See more on how to grow and maintain the Money Plant here 

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